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The company Smooth Fitness LLC is no longer in business as of November 2014. Smooth Fitness LLC was foreclosed by its bank. The bank, Siena Lending out of Stamford, Ct has liquidated the assets of Smooth Fitness LLC. Icon Health and Fitness is now owned by They are a reputable company and are currently selling machines under the Smoothfitness brand. Icon purchased the domains, and trademarks only. Icon is not responsible for covering any of the previous product warranties or supporting parts replacement for the machines created prior to their purchase.

This site is owned and operated by Inc. TreadmillDoctor is not able to support the prior warranties for any of the existing machines. We knew that existing customers would need a place to turn to find parts to keep their older machines running. TreadmillDoctor decided to help people with these concerns by purchasing all of the repair parts inventory from Smooth Fitness during the liquidation process. We are always here to help keep your machines up and running so you can stay fit. You can purchase replacement parts here at or call our helpful technicians for free assistance in trouble shooting your problem to make sure you get the correct parts for your repair job.

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